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No Budget Productions present die subversive Kunst von Petrusco and Dan da Fisherman

Trailer for 2+2=5 film


Art versus authority. Will art prevail?


Our country got invaded . By bloody Eastern Europeans! They steal our jobs and rape our women! And John knows all about it. He reads this terrible news every single day on the way home. John is a very regular guy. He works hard. He`s got a wife and kids. And house. And car. It`s very easy to guess who is in charge. It`s not John. John likes his life to be regular and with no nasty surprises. But these eastern Europeans don`t let him sleep well. There's so many of them. He can`t evade them. They`re everywhere. Even in his peaceful suburbia. Sometimes he`s got a feeling they keep following him. They penetrate into his dreams. Into his fantasy.



Petrusco`s idea (now patented) of how to deal with global energy crisis .

Sueno muerte

` Sueno Muerte ` aka ` Dead Dream ` .
It feels great to have .Good job , respect , position in the society , somebody you love .
But then something happens in your life . Something unexpected .Something bad . You do not have any more .You loose .
It hurts .You are not able to stand on your own .The dreams mix with reality .
The present with past .
You are still alive but there is something dead inside of you .



Victorian love story taking place in the underbelly of West Pier .

Baby Love

Two babies got kidnapped . One manages to liberate itself and sets on a rescue journey .

Better pigeon in the net , than ….

Hunted by fear .

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