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The idea behind `Enter me` is based on a question asked by my friend : `I`d like to see what is going on in your head `. I replied :`That`s not a problem .This is where you enter (pointing to my right ear) and this is where you exit (left ear) . Enjoy `. I made it into a photograph :


Then being a true artist (with massive ego) I decided to scale it up little bit . I wanted real size people being able to `enter` into my head and see what is going on in my mind . Free of charge , of course . Obviously , I had no experience with making large scale sculptures at all . In fact I never made any sculpture before . I had no money and no workshop . But that doesn`t really matter . What matters is making the idea real . I worked more to get some extra cash . I used my back garden as a workshop . I improvised . And I managed . The sculpture is far from being perfect . I guess same as me .

I took the head to festivals and art shows . I still meet people saying `I was inside of your head ` . Sure you were ……

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